About LSH

About Let's Share Housing

Let's Share Housing was founded to allow people from all walks of life to find opportunties to share housing via our online databse of homeowners and home seekers and through face to face meet up events.

Though our initial focus has been on the Portland Oregon metro-area, the new Let's Share Housing site is designed to enable homeowners and home seekers across the country to find each other, and we hope to bring additional metro-areas online soon.

The Let's Share Housing Team

Michele Fiasca, Founder, Owner and Portland Oregon Metro-Area Affiliate
In 1997 Michele founded Adult Placement Network, an agency that helps families find the right senior care setting for loved ones. As she gained experience with this population she saw how many seniors, struggling to survive on social security incomes, could not find affordable housing. Being a boomer herself, Michele could see the handwriting on the wall. This country was headed for a huge housing crisis and no one seemed to be paying attention. So, in 2009 Michele began Let’s Share Housing.

Having shared housing herself many times, Michele wondered if matching homeowners to home seekers could become a viable model for boomers and seniors to age in place affordably. As the idea developed, many said they would enjoy sharing a home with younger people too. So Michele increased the scope of Let’s Share Housing to include the possibility of intergenerational living, single mothers sharing homes with other single mothers, encouraging people to group themselves any way they wanted. The important thing to Michele was Let’s Share Housing be inclusive and have the goal of creating community.

After launching the first LSH website in 2011, Michele quickly learned how overwhelming it was to try to take on the entire country at once. She is happy to say her team will be launching a new website in 2016, developing the country region-by-region, beginning in Portland, Oregon where she lives. The plan is to have affiliate partners join and develop their geographic region using the Let’s Share Housing website and support systems.

Michele is currently the organizer of 2 monthly meetup.com events and does presentations around the Portland metro area. She was a guest on The Today Show in 2014 and featured in a video done by Aljazeera America in 2016. She has had several articles about shared housing written by local journalists.

As our vision continues to unfold, it seems to be taking on a life of it’s own. With the support of Michele’s dedicated team and the input of all those that embrace the vision, Let’s Share Housing continues to evolve and gain momentum.

Anne Andler, LSH Associate and Central Florida Region Affliliate
Prior to moving to Melbourne Florida in 2015,  Anne Andler served as founder and executive director of Villages NW, which won the Portland Monthly Magazine's 2015 Light-a-Fire award for the best new Portland nonprofit. 

She has also been the owner of the Andler Resource Group, a nonprofit and small business consulting firm, since 1997, and it was in this capacity that she first began to work with Michele to help her refine her vision for Let's Share Housing and redesign the website into an effective national vehicle for making shared housing matches.

Their collaboration on this project has led to an even deeper involvement for Anne with Let's Share Housing, and in 2016,  Anne agreed to become an LSH Associate and to begin developing LSH's presence in the Central Florida Region as the area affiliate. Anne has a B.A. from Northwestern University and a M.S. from Southern Illinois University.  She can be reached through this link.