Learn About Shared Housing

Shared housing is a grassroots movement gaining momentum nationwide.

Though we are based in Portland Oregon, our site is designed to help members nationwide find one another. If you are based in another metropolitan area and are interested in shared housing, we still encourage you to sign up. If you are located in another metro area and are interested in building a Let’s Share Housing affiliate with us, please take a look at our affiliate page and get in touch with us!

We have participants who are either homeowners willing to share or housing seekers looking to create vibrant communities through sharing. To learn more about the who and why of shared housing, see our pages Why Share Housing and Who Shares Housing.


It's an education thing.

No one knows if we don't talk about shared housing and ALL of the potential benefits! We encourage you to talk to your friends about shared housing. Let neighborhood associations know about shared housing. We can speak to your group about shared housing. Send us a message via our contact form or if you’d like to reach out to us. You can interact with others through our Facebook Group.