Who Shares Housing?

Let'sShareHousing.com was created specifically for connecting homeowners and potential homesharers.  So we require that all the properties that are listed on our site be (1) owned by the homeowner or a member of his/her family and (2) physically occupied by the homeowner or a member of his/her family.  But other than these restrictions, there are no other limitations on who the homesharers can be.

Homesharers can be male, female, young, old, straight, gay, with or without kids, with or without pets, smokers or non-smokers, night owls or early birds, neat or messy, short or long term.   It's all about creating the living situation that works for you.

Some of the people who have found shared housing works for them are:

  • Empty nesters with big homes
  • Single mothers who pair with other single mothers to create a community of support
  • College students who are looking for safe, affordable off-campus housing
  • Seniors and boomers who form “Golden Girls” type homes
  • People with shared interests and affinities—like artists, musicians, or actors
  • People who travel and want a stable homebase and roommates who will help keep an eye on it